Breaking Dawn Village

A little further away from Sphinx, a small town on the coast, is the unheard of Breaking Dawn Village.
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 Jared Merianne

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PostSubject: Jared Merianne   Jared Merianne I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 12, 2011 4:46 pm


Full name : Jared Stephan Merianne

Nicknames and/or Aliases : Jay, Ed, Jed, Sted (Stephan+Jared), Meri

Languages spoken : English

Race : Human

Date of Birth : July 11th, 1993

Age : 17

Gender : Male


Appearance :
Jared Merianne C4524e93ba2ed0_full

Body Type : Lean muscle

Physical Imperfections : Other than zit scars? None

Inventory : iPod, phone, wallet


Religion : Atheist

Alignment : Good

Outer Goals : To become a millionaire!

Inner Goals : Get a half-decent looking girlfriend.

Defining Characteristics : His "awesome hair" and his optimism.

Hopes : That he won't fail in life.

Fears : Being hated

Sexual Orientation : Straight

Secrets : Secrets? What secrets? Who's the idiot who told you I keep secrets?

More thinking or feeling? : Feeling

Personality on the Whole : Kind, sweet, charming, arrogant, smart, stubborn, playful, bored, easily-amused.


Towards Self : I, am brilliant.

Towards Others : There are my friends, my family, my girlfriend, and then ... the rest of the world.

Friendship : Important

Love : Ha ha ... hope I find it. Apparently I lost it all after 'Cass was born.

Superstitions : Touch wood!! You've been jinxed!!

Method of Handling Anger or Rage : Eh? I didn't realise I was an angry person.

Admirable Traits : Too many of them. Ha!

Negative Traits : What? Me? I have no negative traits!

Mental Disturbances : Narcissistic

Philosophy of Life : Live. Love. Laugh


Family : Castella Merianne

Background/History : Pretty much the same as Castella, but there's an age gap. Between the time Castella was born, and he was born, everything was so so happy ...


First Name : Saffron

Gender : Female

Age : 14

Hobbies : reading, writing, role-playing, listening to music, drawing, thinking, day-dreaming

Have you ever read//watched the Twilight Saga? : Yup

Do you have any other accounts here? If yes, please give the number of accounts and their names. : Willow Witch, Castella Merianne, London Fury, Marina Summers


Rank : Happy go live Dude

Status : Highschooler

Classes : Timetable D

Relationships : None!!

Code : We are not what you think we are, we are golden, we are golden!
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PostSubject: Re: Jared Merianne   Jared Merianne I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 14, 2011 6:16 pm

(I know how boring it is to greet yourself so I'll give you a hand)
Welcome to Breaking Dawn Village, Jared!
I can only see one flaw - are you in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year? If not, then you should change your timetable to A or B.
Anyway, have fun!
(Wait, that was odd too... I wonder what's missing? Very Happy)

"It was a happy day."
"The day Sarah nearly got killed?"
*chuckles* "No, the day Warp nearly got killed."
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Lena Dark.
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PostSubject: Re: Jared Merianne   Jared Merianne I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 15, 2011 2:18 pm

Hello Lena! This is going to be my last account, now that all my characters from Stardoll have been made ^^

Actually there's an age gap between Castella and Jared, so he's seventeen going on eighteen, and in his last year of High school before he goes to College - the school follows the Japanese High school system, with three years XD I was a bit obsessed (and still am) about Japan when I made this Forum.

And since you can start school with Timetable A or B, he's a timetable D.

To my surprise I was looking at photos of Japanese actors and singers for (possible) live action movie of this manga called "Skip Beat!" and to my surprise there was this guy who looked exactly how I picture Jared! Of course, not as tall, but still Jared. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Jared Merianne   Jared Merianne I_icon_minitime

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Jared Merianne
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