Breaking Dawn Village

A little further away from Sphinx, a small town on the coast, is the unheard of Breaking Dawn Village.
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 Riona Summers

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PostSubject: Riona Summers   Riona Summers I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 10:04 pm

Full name : Riona Nerissa Summers

Nicknames and/or Aliases : Issa,Ri-ri,Riot

Languages spoken : Italian, English, Latin, French

Race : Vampire

Date of Birth : October 17th, 914

Age : 1016

Physical Age : 19

Gender : Female


Appearance :

Riona Summers Riona13

Body Type : Tall and skinny

Physical Imperfections : A heart-shaped birth mark at her left ankle

Clothing : Usually wears a black bustier along with a motorcycle jacket,black ripped jeans,black oxford high heeled ankle boots and fingeless gloves.She loves everything dramatic and she prefers wearing dark red,black,dark blue and royal purple coloured clothes,most inspired by Medieval Times

Inventory : A silver flask with human blood,a dark red lipstick


Religion : Nothing particular

Alignment : Evil

Outer Goals : Do whatever the Volturi orders her.

Inner Goals : Become Volturi's leader

Defining Characteristics : Her dark,thick lashes

Hopes : -

Fears : That someone might kill her

Sexual Orientation : Straight

Secrets : Well hidden

More thinking or feeling? : Thinking

Personality on the Whole : Evil and mysterious

Towards Self :

Towards Others : Lower beings

Friendship : Impossible

Love : A myth

Superstitions : She doesn't believe at them

Method of Handling Anger or Rage : Count to twenty and thinking of the outcome of her actions

Admirable Traits : Her high intelligence

Negative Traits : Her discriminatory behavior

Mental Disturbances : She's secretly depressed

Philosophy of Life : You'll either hunt or be hunted


Family : Her Uncle Marcus of the Volturi (adopted), her sisters Marina and Hornet (adopted - the Volturi had adopted them around the same time as Riona, so they call themselves sisters)

Background/History : She was born somewhere in the countryside of the medieval England and had norse and celtic roots.Daugher of a noble family,she was raised in wealth.Her father was Duke of Cornwall and had great influence on the king.She was supposed to marry the heir of the english throne when she'd had reached the age of twenty.Only a few weeks before,she met a young man,more handsome than anyone else she'd ever seen.She instantly fell in love with him,but before she could realise it,he led her to an old,abandoned forest at a moonless night and began drinking her blood.But suddenly,he heard noises and ran away,leaving Riona bleeding in the forest.Somehow,she managed to survive the blood loss and become the ruthless vampire she is today.
She spend centuries as a nomad in Europe. She was known of seducing young men with her stunning appearence and draining of their blood.
At 2010, while she was in Italy, she came across with the Volturi coven, who asked her to be member of their guard. There, she met other two new members, named Marina and Hornet. They soon became close friends and they named themselves sisters. While being member of the Volturi, she met another vampire, Demetri, at whom she had a crush on. Demetri orinally had a crush on Heidi, but when she saw Riona's astonishing beauty, he fell in love with her and they became mates.

First Name : Opal

Gender : Female

Age : 16

Hobbies : writing,roleplaying,reading lots of books,watching movies,singing,listening to my favourite music

Have you ever read//watched the Twilight Saga? : Yes

Do you have any other accounts here? If yes, please give the number of accounts and their names. : Opal,Rafe

Rank : Ruthless Siren

Status : Highschooler

Classes : Timetable C

Relationships : Demetri Volturi

Code : We are not what you think we are, we are golden, we are golden!

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Marina Summers
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Marina Summers

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PostSubject: Re: Riona Summers   Riona Summers I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 06, 2011 2:29 pm

Riona! My sis!! lol

Well I've self-accepted Marina, and Riona has now been too! I love the Summers sisters ... they rock. XD

I've decided to go with Spring Green for Marina's colour ...Nice don't you think? Well I'll be moving the presentations now, and colouring our names ... looking forward to role-playing with you again!
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Riona Summers
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