Breaking Dawn Village

A little further away from Sphinx, a small town on the coast, is the unheard of Breaking Dawn Village.
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 Advanced Template (Optional)

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PostSubject: Advanced Template (Optional)   Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:41 am

Everything you read in the MUST READ topic is to be applied here. And make sure you actually read that topic, maybe you can guess from the title?

The advanced template is for those who want to give a more detailed and precise Presentation for their characters, usually used by more advanced role-players.



Full name : (First, middle and last)

Nicknames and/or Aliases : (Other things you are known by that have nothing to do with your full name)

Languages spoken : (The languages you know and/or are learning to speak)

Race :

Date of Birth : (day, month, year)

Age : (How old is your character)

Physical Age : (Only for immortals)

Gender :


Appearance : (one photo or two if you may)

Height :

Weight :

Eye Colour :

Skin Colour :

Hair Colour/Style :

Distinguishing Features :

Body Type : (Slim, large, well built ...)

Physical Imperfections :

Clothing :

Inventory : (What your character carries with him/her at all times)


Religion :

Alignment : (Good, bad, evil, neutral, both sides ...)

Outer Goals :

Inner Goals :

Defining Characteristics :

Hopes :

Fears :

Sexual Orientation :

Secrets :

More thinking or feeling? :

Personality on the Whole :


Towards Self :

Towards Others :

Friendship :

Love :

Superstitions :

Method of Handling Anger or Rage :

Admirable Traits :

Negative Traits :

Mental Disturbances :

Philosophy of Life :


Family :

Background/History :


First Name : (YOUR name)

Gender :

Age :

Hobbies :

Have you ever read//watched the Twilight Saga? :

Do you have any other accounts here? If yes, please give the number of accounts and their names. :


Rank : (What would you like to be know as? Ex. : Rebellious Vampire, Pensive Wolf etc ...)

Status : (As in Highschooler, College student, Working, Unemployed)

Job : (If WORKING is the chosen status)

Classes : (If COLLEGE STUDENT or HIGHSCHOOLER is the chosen status)

Relationships :

Code : (If you've read everything you should have, you should know the code!)

Castella Merianne
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Advanced Template (Optional)
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